What is Pre-settlement funding?

  • Pre-settlement funding gives an opportunity to receive a cash advance before your case is settled.
  • Pre-settlement funding is non-recourse which means that we get paid only if your case is settled, otherwise YOU OWE US NOTHING.
  • Pre-settlement funding does not require background check, credit history or employment. The process of approval is LESS THAN 24 HOURS.
  • Pre-settlement funding does not affect your case in any matter.

How to receive pre-settlement funding?

  • Contact us via phone, fax, email or fill up online application. Leave your full name and attorney’s information.
  • We will contact your attorney to receive all case related documentation.
  • We evaluate your case and send you a contract.
  • Sign a contract and receive the funds the same day via check or bank transfer.


  • You have to be involved into any personal injury, not property damages.
  • You have to file a case with attorney on a contingency-fee agreement
  • The other side (defendant or insurance company) must pay you an awarded claim